Monday, December 10, 2012

Audrey turns 6

Way back when in September, Audrey turned 6 years old.  Audrey LOVES doing crafts, so we decided to to an art party this year.AudreysBirthdayEverybody got their own canvas to work with.  First they drew what they were going to paint on a piece of paper and then they painted what they had drawn.



I wish I’d taken more pictures of the balloons, we strung them up by string and had them draped all across the ceiling and they turned out really cute.



She got this camera from Grandma and Grandpa Pate and as soon as we got it out of the package they all of her friends ran outside and got in a line to have their picture takenAudreysBirthday-7


Instead of cake we did ice cream sundaes  that they got to decorate.

Audrey is the sweetest girl anyone could ask for.  She is always willing to help and really patient with her brothers.  If I could be guaranteed more kids like her, I think I would just keep on having them!

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Liz said...

Look at you party planner!! Parties are a lot of work and I bet Audrey loved it! i love the theme. I thought it was cute seeingthe pictures of the girls taking pictures of themselves with her new camera.