Monday, October 22, 2012

Calvin’s Birthday

For Calvin’s birthday, we had an actual party for him.  This was the first time we did a party for him and since he is a candy fiend we had a candy party.                   IMG_5382 I wrapped balloons in cellophane to make “candies”, it took Forever to do this, but he seemed to like them.

IMG_5379The table of candy, each little boy got to take home a bag of candy as their favor at the end, so luckily we didn’t have too much left over!

 IMG_5393We made candy necklaces

 IMG_5383We played pin the tag on the hershey kiss, pretty fancy looking right?

I learned during the party that boys are a lot less interested in all the games than girls, at least at this age, most of the boys were not interested in doing the games at all and were just playing on their own.

IMG_5399The birthday cake, it was an ice cream cake. 


The kids each ate like one bite of cake and then just went back to  eating the candy.                                                     IMG_5401

Overall he had a great time having all of his friends over and a great birthday.


Kendra said...

The balloons look great! And Owen would be all over a candy-themed party. Although I'm not sure how I'd handle the fallout from all that sugar! Ha! I bet Cslvin had a great time. Happy birthday to him! :)

The Meador Family said...

I love the theme and the ice cream cake looks so good. Happy Late Birthday Calvin!