Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Season

All of the kids birthdays are in July, August and September so here are the pics of the first birthday, Miles.  For each of the kids first birthdays we have gone somewhere and this year we went up to Brighton with the Pate grandparents, Hansen great grandparents and Aunt Kristen.

MilesBirthdayOpening presents



Playing dominoes on the patioMilesBirthday-6

The river behind the cabin

Miles LOVED his cake, here is a little picture overload of him attacking it


MilesBirthday-10 MilesBirthday-13 MilesBirthday-12

We had lasagna for dinner that is the orange around his mouth, it just didn’t seem to make much sense to wash him off when he was just going to do this



Since the Hogle Zoo is only 15 minutes from the cabin we decided to head on over



Aunt Kristen and Calvin were fast friends this vacationMilesBirthday-20The elephant was completely submerging in the water then would come up and spray, it was fantatstic.


We rented a stroller, but he would just climb out and walk with the rest of us


Happy Birthday Mister Man!

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