Monday, June 4, 2012

St. Paddy’s Day

This year for St. Patricks’ Day we had a sneaky little guy come in and make a mess in the house.

We prepared by making a trap to catch the leprechaun

IMG_4470 With “gold” coins as bait


To pay us back for trying to trap him he made a mess of our house while we were sleeping                          IMG_4477I am still finding this confetti

IMG_4474 he turned our chairs upside down and put streamers all over the place and opened all the cupboards

IMG_4481he even turned our milk green, next time i think he will only turn part of our milk green, not all of it, so we don’t have green milk for days afterwards

IMG_4479 He did leave us some of his “gold” in return for our efforts in trying to catch him and having to clean up his mess


Liz said...

I'v always wanted to do this, but never seems to work out, we wer out of town for ST. Patty's this year. Good tip on the milk, thats something I would have done too.

Sharron said...

How fun . . I've got to figure out how to do it on the sly to all my kids next year!!!