Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

So here is our list of things I would like us to do over the summer:

-go to the movies

-watch fireworks

-have a water balloon fight

-make sidewalk paint

-go to the zoo

-have root beer floats

-have a cupcake decorating contest

-go to the library

-go camping

-go to a city festival

- go to grandma’s

-go to the cabin

-pick a book and read it together

-go to the Toelle railroad museum

-go to City Creek

- ride the front runner

- coke and mentos

-design a shirt with bleach

-make a bike obstacle course

-set up the fish tank

-go get fish

-have a sunflower seed spitting contest

-freeze little things in water and have the kids try and get them out

-have a backyard olympics

-go bowling

-spongeball tag

-make popsicles

So that is my list.  As you can see a lot of this stuff is going somewhere, seeing as I don’t go anywhere in the winter.  Any suggestions?

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The Baker Family said...

We added fun themed dinner nights too like Mexican Fiesta Night, Chinese cuisine night and Sea Food night. We also have Breakfast for dinner night, Kids choice, and home-made pizza night!

Some fun activities we have are, fly a kite, science night, invite a family over to play games, play hopscotch, bean bag toss, movie night, cousin sleepover, update 72 hour kis, and so much more. I love this idea!!! You've got some good ones! It sounds like you guys are going to havea supper fun summer!!!