Monday, June 25, 2012

Miles 10 months

So I know that he is almost 11 months now, but I will go ahead and do a 10 month post anyways.

This was a big month for Miles, he got his first two teeth.

IMG_4556 He can go up AND down the stairs on his own, which definitely makes my day easier, just as long as the bathroom doors are closed and he can’t get in the toilet(one of his favorite things).


Loves Calvin and thinks that he should always be playing with him, much to Calvins’ dismay.IMG_4496 Loves bath time


He: says du du du all the time, loves blowing raspberries, claps and get this . . . has completely stopped crawling and only walks now.  He has places to go especially to play in the toilet and dump out the dogs food and water.  He has also started sleeping through the night about 95% of the time, glory hallelujah!


Brittani said...

I can't believe how much he has grown up!!! Such a cutie. I also can't believe that he is walking. That is awesome and not awesome all at the same time.

The Meador Family said...

He is such a cute kid!!! and holly cow walking! fun times.