Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I know it’s a bit late, but here are some pics of our trip to AZ for Thanksgiving

We were able to see my parents new house and when this is their backyard, it’s easy to see whey they movedThanksGiving_2011-4


Steven and my dad took out the Jacuzzi that was in the back and filled it up with dirt it was where Calvin spent 95% of his time (basically if he wasn’t sleeping or eating)



Miles and Grandpa Hansen

After my parents we went to Nikkis’ for a couple of days

ThanksGiving_2011-5 and went and Jacuzzied at GrahamsThanksGiving_2011-6 Then onto Ft. Huachuca

Crazy, but 2 more grandkids have been added since then for 16 total


ThanksGiving_2011-9There were all kinds of yummy treats that everyone took full advantage of, especially our little sweet addict.


Why so serious?

(name that movie)

Over all it was a great trip seeing everyone, even though it was a long drive in the civic with three kids and a dog!


kelly said...

Great pictures... We had a blast, right up until we were over come with illness.... it was a "Dark Night"

kelly said...

I guess I should have spelled that Dark Knight