Monday, January 23, 2012


Here are some of the things we did in December (minus Christmas, which yes a month later is still to come)

Our Mortgage guy had Santa come to his office so we decided to go and see him there.  Audrey thought about what she was going to ask for all day and was ready.  She walked right up and I don’t know if she even let him ask what she wanted, she just said Littlest Pet Shops, and was quite relieved to hear that she was on the good list.IMG_4155

Calvin on the other hand was not quite as excited . . .IMG_4159

We also got to go on the North Pole Express, aka the Polar Express, out of Heber Valley.  What was even more fun was that my parents and our friends Mike and Risa were in town and able to join us.

IMG_4183 Grandma and AudreyIMG_4182 Grandpa and Calvin

IMG_4188    Mike, Risa and Eva                                                                     (who we miss dearly and need to move back to UT!)

IMG_4201This time Santa wasn’t nearly as traumatic, but, Calvin still doesn’t look very happy.  (notice the bracelet out of bells the elf is wearing? she heard Audrey saying how pretty it was and took it off and handed it to her, she was pretty darn excited)

IMG_4206 The big man even took some time out for Mr. SmilesIMG_4209Audrey reaffirmed her wish for Littlest Pet Shops.

All in all it was a fun experience, it could have been really corny, but it wasn’t and Calvin got a kick out of being able to ride on a choo choo.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I know it’s a bit late, but here are some pics of our trip to AZ for Thanksgiving

We were able to see my parents new house and when this is their backyard, it’s easy to see whey they movedThanksGiving_2011-4


Steven and my dad took out the Jacuzzi that was in the back and filled it up with dirt it was where Calvin spent 95% of his time (basically if he wasn’t sleeping or eating)



Miles and Grandpa Hansen

After my parents we went to Nikkis’ for a couple of days

ThanksGiving_2011-5 and went and Jacuzzied at GrahamsThanksGiving_2011-6 Then onto Ft. Huachuca

Crazy, but 2 more grandkids have been added since then for 16 total


ThanksGiving_2011-9There were all kinds of yummy treats that everyone took full advantage of, especially our little sweet addict.


Why so serious?

(name that movie)

Over all it was a great trip seeing everyone, even though it was a long drive in the civic with three kids and a dog!