Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

For dinner we had eyeball soup and bat bread.Halloweennight2011-9 Audrey started crying when we told her we were having eyeballs for dinner.

 Halloweennight2011-8Dad went and got some  smoky blood for a drink, again Audrey was disturbed.

Halloweennight2011-7The Pumpkin Princess, she was so excited to wear makeup and that mom did her hair like Belle.

Halloweennight2011-11The Skeleton, we had to force him into his costume, once he started getting candy, he was a ok.

Halloweennight2011-10The little monkey

Halloweennight2011-15 The loot, Calvin’s was gone in 4 days

Halloweennight2011 The before

Halloweennight2011-2 Halloweennight2011-3



Halloweennight2011-5after melissas’, stevens’ ,calvins’, audreys’, and miles’

the haunted house took FOREVER to do and i told steven that next year i’m doing a basic jack o lattern.


The Baker Family said...

Those are awesome pumpkins. Ours was lame compared to those. Great Job.

kelly said...

we just had pumpkin creme brulee' does that count? Great pictures love dad.

Kenny, Brittani, and Shiloh said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had fun! Wish we could have been as fun as you guys!