Friday, September 30, 2011

I can’t believe she is 5!

To celebrate Audrey’s 5th birthday we had a Pinkalicious Party.


Dad read the Pinkalicious story to start



Then we played some games of simon says and red light green light



It was pretty intense as you can seeIMG_3261 Then inside for pin the cherry on the cupcakeIMG_3272Then back outside for our Pinkalicious pinata


And back inside for pink cupcakes, with pink icing and cherries on top


It was an absolutely pinktastic day! (and I can’t believe that she is 5, where did the time go?)

At 5 Audrey is . . .

loving, obedient, my sweetheart, loves playing with friends, is her brothers best friend, loves art projects and tells her dad that one day he can be as good an artist as she is, can read at a 1st grade level and is quite sad that she didn’t get to go to kindergarten this year.  We love you big girl.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Happenings

I have started potty training Calvin.  I know he is young for it, but he doesn’t like being in wet diapers and wakes up dry a couple of mornings a week.  Some days he likes it, other days not so much, we’ll see how it goes.untitledCalvin also does a lot of mowing, his favorite gift for his birthday. IMG_2840 It is very focused work and he takes it quite seriously, even mowing in our bedroom at 7 am, just to keep up his skills.IMG_2842

Miles does a lot of this . . .

untitled-3  especially in this

untitled-7 untitled-8 Sometimes we are awake in it

untitled-2and awake other places . . . .


but usually . . . .

untitled-9 he is just so tired from his hard schedule of eating every 2-3 hours, that he does a lot of this.  Luckily all of that eating is paying off, we went in for our 6 week appt. today and he has gained over 3 lbs already.