Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zippity ZOO-da

IMG_2172 Just to make you aware, that is not really a turtle…………it’s Audrey!!IMG_2184  A turtles home from the inside. Nice ambient lighting. however, needs work on the furnishings…and get rid of those peeping toms.IMG_2175Oh!  Audrey just posing next to a Coelophysis,…A Dinosaur, that's all!IMG_2177 UMMMmmmmm……We still love him!?!?!?IMG_2186 I bet later on she gets named the black widow in High School. Every proud fathers dream.IMG_2187 IMG_2192 IMG_2193


Looks to me like the horse needs to lay off the energy drinks.IMG_2211 What a little cutie!IMG_2212

We lost Calvin after this. The good news was that the Dinosaur didn't make it since Calvin's head was so big. I should somehow Photoshop that.IMG_2258 So this is our daughter, trying to capture a new friend, with her nature tattoo that gives her special powers!IMG_2263apparently she had little doubt on containing the beast.IMG_2261

and setting forth the first order which was  of high priority.

Monday, July 11, 2011



GardenOfTheGods We went to Colorado Springs for Aunt Kim’s wedding and were able to go to Garden of the Gods.

IMG_2053 I was nervous about going because everyone kept calling it a nice little hike, and I am obviously caring a little extra weight right now.  The group that we went with are not necessarily known for their “little hikes”  luckily it was more of a walk than anything and absolutely beautiful.



IMG_2141 Kim asked Audrey to be a flower girl and she was beyond excited, especially when she got a new basket and necklace.

IMG_2145What a good looking family! IMG_2148

Here are those that joined us. My parents, and Ben and Liz. Looks like Ben Brought his rustic toupee.