Thursday, June 23, 2011

Park City

BackFlip Audrey wanted to try this so much. I told her as long as she does a back flip. This was one of her many.IMG_2334On the way up the mountainIMG_2341Audrey Being Audrey.  IMG_2435Calvin…would move rocks from one side of the path to the other…He makes his Dad and Mom proud. IMG_2441 This Frightens my wife. What will she be doing in the future for thrills?IMG_2360So the object is to take the ski lift up the mountain and then to ride down a long slide as fast as you can. The best part is, you get to take your kids. Raise the life insurance policy honey, i found a get rich quick scheme!IMG_2290 It may not show on their faces, but they like it. Again don’t look at their faces, in fact look at mine to see how fun it was.

IMG_2298Calvin Loved going down the mountain so much, every time we got to the bottom he would  point to where you get on the lift and say', “Drive, Drive.”IMG_2396Just another beautiful day at Park CityIMG_2455  

IMG_2468  Calvin Plays Golf like his Grandpa


Either way he likes the sport.


kelly said...

great pictures!!! you all look Marvelous!!!

The Potters said...

i just wanna know what melissa is wearing in that last picture. is that your bra over your shirt? must be a park city thing-