Monday, March 14, 2011

18 Months

So a couple of weeks ago, Calvin turned 18 Months, and I thought I would finally post a couple of pictures!  His exact Stats are packed somewhere, so from what I remember he is in the 96% for height, his head is in the 76% and his weight is 36%, definitely a big boy.

His likes: Anything sweet, anything with buttons, anything sister is doing, water(he is a fish), Mom, Dad, and torturing the dog.

His dislikes:  anyone leaving the house without him, being told no,  green vegetables.

He doesn’t say too much as far as words go, he jibbers like crazy though and knows exactly what he wants.  Some of the things he says are:

Mom, daddy, audrey, dog, uh-oh, whoa, ashes(as in ring around the rosy), done, p-u, two, three, e-i-e-i-o, uh uh, uh huh.


licking the brownie beater, we can’t keep sweets in the house at all because he figures out where they are and begs for them. IMG_1462 There are days he eats 3 bananas.



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kelly said...

that little hotrod has a hotrod on his shirt