Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunch of whiners making us update our Blog

Christmas_2010So Merry late Christmas Christmas_2010-2 Audrey’s Christmas program. Her line in the play was, and i quote, “Make sure to stack those building blocks.”………and the Emmy goes to……………Christmas_2010-3Spoiled Kid 1

Christmas_2010-4 Spoiled Kid 2


  Grandma and Grandpa took us to the Discovery Gateway kids Museum. Sure were a lot of kids there that i could discipline for there parents, if they gave me the opportunity.

  Christmas_2010-6 What Audrey claims she always wants to aspire to. At least she wont be disappointed.

Christmas_2010-7 Bunch of Weirdoes!


Risa West said...

love it!!!

The Meador Family said...

thank you for the update!!! they got a TON for Christmas, lucky kids

The Baker Family said...

Those kids had so many presents!! That's nuts!! Lucky them. Great pictures. At least she doesn't want to be a chicken nugget girls like liz did.

Sharron said...

Thx whiners! Love the pics, the kids are changing fast!

kelly said...

If I knew all it took was whining I would have whined a lot sooner..... Love ya dad