Wednesday, November 30, 2011

San Diego part duex

I’ve kept you waiting long enough right?

The second day in San Diego we went to the zoo. Which in October is free for kids, sounds nice right?  Wrong.  Every school apparently goes during the month of October, and all of the ones that were there on that day seemed to only speak spanish.  I don’t know what it is, maybe just because it’s not a language we hear a lot in Utah, but it just seemed so LOUD.

Regardless we had a good time, and luckily Calvin was feeling a little better.

SanDiego2011-36The boys



Calvin claimed this goat as his own and would nod and other kids that wanted to touch it, like, “yeah, this is my goat”SanDiego2011-44


Audrey got her face painted for the first timeSanDiego2011-53 SanDiego2011-50 SanDiego2011-51


Beautiful ButterflySanDiego2011-59

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the trip!

Monday, November 14, 2011

San Diego Part 1

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate enough to go to San Diego and meet up with my parents.  The first day we went and saw my grandparents and went to the beach. 


It was cold, but Steven still got in.

SanDiego2011-4 And Audrey is usually game to do anything Dad is doing.  Her lips turned blueSanDiego2011-2 They warmed up in the jacuzzi afterwards


Mr. Smiles


The next day we went to Sea World.  I tell you what, October was the time to go, there was NO ONE there.

SanDiego2011-9 Poor Calvin got sick, and this is basically how he felt this whole day, he was a trooper though and didn’t cry or wine, just looked miserable.


Feeding the sea lions, the birds were quite daring and actually stole a fish right out of my dad’s handSanDiego2011-16 Playing on the huge jungle gym



Doesn’t Calvin look like he’s having fun!SanDiego2011-30 Waiting for the dolphin show to start, Audrey decided she is going to be in the show one day.SanDiego2011-33

More to come!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

For dinner we had eyeball soup and bat bread.Halloweennight2011-9 Audrey started crying when we told her we were having eyeballs for dinner.

 Halloweennight2011-8Dad went and got some  smoky blood for a drink, again Audrey was disturbed.

Halloweennight2011-7The Pumpkin Princess, she was so excited to wear makeup and that mom did her hair like Belle.

Halloweennight2011-11The Skeleton, we had to force him into his costume, once he started getting candy, he was a ok.

Halloweennight2011-10The little monkey

Halloweennight2011-15 The loot, Calvin’s was gone in 4 days

Halloweennight2011 The before

Halloweennight2011-2 Halloweennight2011-3



Halloweennight2011-5after melissas’, stevens’ ,calvins’, audreys’, and miles’

the haunted house took FOREVER to do and i told steven that next year i’m doing a basic jack o lattern.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago, right when the colors were changing we decided to go on up Provo Canyon and get some family pictures.  We’ve done this for a couple of years now, and I think that these are the best ones yet.



Steven did some fx on this one, i’m not sure how i feel about it, i’m more of a naturalist I guess, what do you think?Fall2011-9

Audrey ClaireFall2011-10


Calvin WyattFall2011-6  Fall2011-21

The boysFall2011-12

The girlsFall2011-16

The kiddos, i wish i’d felt comfortable  with them holding Miles for this pictures, i just really didn’t though.Fall2011-19

well, what do you think, not bad for just us and a tripod, right?

Monday, October 3, 2011

2 months already

It seems like miles has been a part of our family for so long already it is hard to believe that it has really only been a short amount of time.

IMG_3233He is an extremely mellow baby, usually just happy to hang out with you.  


I love his tiny little neck in this one, it just makes me want to kiss it all day long.


At two months he is:

sleeping from 8:30pm – 3:30 am, eats then sleeps until around 7

has stopped eating every two hours (much to moms enjoyment) and switched to every 4 hours

smiles back at you

coos all the time

hardly ever cries

can roll on to his side in either direction

length: 24 inches 50%

Weight: 12 lb 1 ounce 40%

Head Circ:  40.3 cm 40%

I don’t know who these babies are that are bigger than him, but they must be huge!  All the percents put him at average for everything, but he seems so big already.  He is even in 3-6 month sleepers already, just for the length, they just kind of bag around him.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I can’t believe she is 5!

To celebrate Audrey’s 5th birthday we had a Pinkalicious Party.


Dad read the Pinkalicious story to start



Then we played some games of simon says and red light green light



It was pretty intense as you can seeIMG_3261 Then inside for pin the cherry on the cupcakeIMG_3272Then back outside for our Pinkalicious pinata


And back inside for pink cupcakes, with pink icing and cherries on top


It was an absolutely pinktastic day! (and I can’t believe that she is 5, where did the time go?)

At 5 Audrey is . . .

loving, obedient, my sweetheart, loves playing with friends, is her brothers best friend, loves art projects and tells her dad that one day he can be as good an artist as she is, can read at a 1st grade level and is quite sad that she didn’t get to go to kindergarten this year.  We love you big girl.