Monday, October 18, 2010

Audrey’s 4th Birthday

I am aware that Audrey’s birthday was almost a month ago.  We did have a party, and a rather fun one at that, but given crazy schedules and yet again internet issues, I am now able to show you the greatness of turning 4.


audrey's birthday-16

We had a pink dinosaur party this year, where we . . . .


audrey's birthday-4audrey's birthday-5 

audrey's birthday-2 Painted bobble head dinosaurs. . . .

audrey's birthday-9 audrey's birthday-10played pin the plate on the stegosaurus ( dinosaur courtesy of Steven) . . . audrey's birthday-11


audrey's birthday-13 audrey's birthday-14

and had to “hatch” dinosaur eggs to get the babies out.

audrey's birthday-15I went the easy route this year and just made pink cupcakes.

audrey's birthday-7

I think she had a good time with all of her friends.  Mental note to mom for next year though.  2 hours is 2 long, luckily we were outside and they were content to run around.


The Meador Family said...

I love the theme! it looked like a dino good time!

Liz said...

Good mental note, although an hour is too short. 1 1/2 works out perfectly in my experience.