Thursday, June 17, 2010

My guy is turning 29!


That’s right this handsome devil has made it to 29 as of today!  I thought I would treat you all to a list of 29 reasons why I love him(even if he is a little goofy looking)

He is . . .

1.  Contrary to what you may think from the above picture, he is handsome.

2.   funny

3.  smart

4.   very driven.

5.  great husband.

6.  talented

7. part mountain goat, (go hiking with him sometime and you’ll find out).

8.  makes me laugh

9.  great father

10.  goofy.

11. mischievous

12.  sacrifices himself for his family.

13.  makes Audreys eyes light up.

14.  adventurous.

15.  willing to go anywhere and do anything.

16.  always bettering himself.

17.  has an unshakeable testimony of Jesus Christ.

18.  a realist.

19.  appreciates me.

20.  wants more kids.

21.  has dimples.

22. willing to eat whatever I happen to create.

23.  hard worker.

24.  supportive.

25.  encouraging.

26. loves to travel

27.  always backs me up.

28.  self confident.

29.  lets the kids figure things out for themselves by never telling them they can’t do something.

And a bonus one to grow on:  He is my best friend. 

Happy Birthday!


Risa West said...

what a great post! and a very happy birthday to steven

The Meador Family said...

Hahahah that is one funny photo! Happy Birthday Steven! We love you