Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Summer has officially begun!  We were able to take our first camping trip and hike.

camping-2 camping

That is our new tent behind us, it is HUGE with two rooms and a patio!


The view from our tent.


The kids enjoying the patio area.


We hiked up the first to the first waterfall toward Timpanogas.  It wasn’t too difficult, but Audrey said she was tired when we could still see our tent at the campsite, *sigh*.  She did really well though.

camping-5 camping-6


This big guy walked right in front of us on the trail.  Kind of intimidating, Peanut wanted to take it on though.


Audrey took this picture, pretty dang good if I do say so myself!


camping-11 Me and my kiddoscamping-13



Beautiful, and only 20 minutes from our house.


To bad I cut off Steven’s head, it would have been a great photo, it’s still a good one of Calvin.  He always sits with his arms up like that, in the carseat, stroller, grocery cart, wherever.  He is in charge.camping-16


Sharron said...

What a fun trip this looks like! I'm glad that youngsters are still smart enough to take in the great out-of-doors. Those are some of my favorite memories while my kids were growing up!

Risa West said...

i miss you guys. i was telling mike last week that i wanted to go camping and take eva and everything. but my tent, sleeping bags, and dutch oven are in utah still. and so are you guys. thanks for indulging my pitty-party. maybe we'll have time to go when we come for a visit.

The Meador Family said...

You guys make me want to go camping, Cute pictures its so beautiful in Utah.

The Baker Family said...

You guys are always going on fun adventure and doing fun things together. I wish we were up there so we could tag along. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Liz Whitehorn said...

hi it is abby i love the picture
audrey took of a moose.i did'nt
know you went to disneyland. i
heard you got a new tent bye.

Liz Whitehorn said...

You guys are a great advertisement for wanting to move to Utah.