Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beach

We were able to go to CA and Disneyland last week and had a blast!  We left Weds. afternoon after Steven got off work and drove to Primm, NV.  We decided that the drive was too far for the kids to do in one day so we stayed at Whiskey Pete’s for $20, that’s right only $20.  But, it was also what you would expect a $20 room to be like, I don’t believe we will be staying there again.  Anyway, the next day it was nice because we got up and only had to drive 3.5 hours to our hotel and then spent the day at the beach. 

California Vacation (1)

California Vacation (2)

We didn’t do anything to Calvins’ hair below, it’s just that color, not sure where it comes from.California Vacation (10)

California Vacation (5) California Vacation (8)

They both liked being buried, Calvin had a little seat just like his California Vacation (9)bumbo at home and got to eat sand, what could be better?California Vacation (14)

California Vacation (16)

California Vacation (18)

California Vacation (17)

Sorry about so many pics, I just couldn’t pick between them.  We had a blast.  Audrey found so many shells and Calvin loved crawling in the sand and then burying his face in it, it was really strange.  Stay tuned for pics from Disneyland, and if I couldn’t choose from pictures at the beach imagine how many there will be from there! Oy!


Lydia said...

It looks like you had so much fun! We hope you can make it to SF soon. Life isn't the same without our friends! When did Calvin's hair change color? Hope you are doing well.

Risa West said...

so cute... love calvin's hair. i can imagine how much fun audrey had being buried. which beach did you go to? sad, i used to live right there... we had 2 days of rain this week... makes me miss it even more

Cherise said...

love the pictures! They are getting so big! I love calvin's hair!

Liz Whitehorn said...

The more pictures the merrier, keep em coming I love them.
Calvin has gotten so big, and I can't believe how much red he has in his hair. Can't wait to see pics of Disneyland, how was it? I bet Audrey just loved it.

The Meador Family said...

Calvin is the cuttiest baby boy ever! fun photos of you guys