Monday, May 31, 2010

Part Deux




Audrey got to pick out some mouse ears for her souvenir, I think she chose appropriately.




We got to meet more characters and spend more time in toon town then I ever thought we would.


Our own little goof.




Poor little Calvin was just exhausted.  My parents and grandparents took the kids at around 3 the second day to go relax at the pool while Steven and I stayed and got to do some of the fun rides and go to California Adventure.  We had a blast and Audrey already wants to go back!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disneyland Part One

We had so much fun at Disneyland.  We were lucky enough that my parents and grandparents were able to meet us there.  We went for two days.  The longest line we waited in was 15 minutes and the weather was beautiful both days.  Here are some pics from the first day.


On the tram into the park, Audrey was sooooooooo excited!

Disneyland-2 Not sure what happened to the little dudes hair here, he had a grand time though.  I was amazed that he could go on all of the rides except the big coaters.

Disneyland-3 With grandma and grandpa waiting for Peter Pan.  I don’t know why they make all of the little kid rides dark and jerky.  She liked Peter Pan though.


Disneyland-5 Small World

Disneyland-7 Eating lunch at the Blue Bayou at Pirates of the Caribbean,  it was much better the last time we went,  I wouldn’t do it again.


Audrey was in complete awe of Mickey and MInnie Mouse.Disneyland-9





Buds.  Calvin and my Grandpa got to spend lots of time together, I know that Calvin enjoyed every moment of it.



There’s the first day.  We were there from 9 to 5, went back to the hotel and collapsed to get ready for the next day!  Hope you’re ready, those pics are soon to come.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beach

We were able to go to CA and Disneyland last week and had a blast!  We left Weds. afternoon after Steven got off work and drove to Primm, NV.  We decided that the drive was too far for the kids to do in one day so we stayed at Whiskey Pete’s for $20, that’s right only $20.  But, it was also what you would expect a $20 room to be like, I don’t believe we will be staying there again.  Anyway, the next day it was nice because we got up and only had to drive 3.5 hours to our hotel and then spent the day at the beach. 

California Vacation (1)

California Vacation (2)

We didn’t do anything to Calvins’ hair below, it’s just that color, not sure where it comes from.California Vacation (10)

California Vacation (5) California Vacation (8)

They both liked being buried, Calvin had a little seat just like his California Vacation (9)bumbo at home and got to eat sand, what could be better?California Vacation (14)

California Vacation (16)

California Vacation (18)

California Vacation (17)

Sorry about so many pics, I just couldn’t pick between them.  We had a blast.  Audrey found so many shells and Calvin loved crawling in the sand and then burying his face in it, it was really strange.  Stay tuned for pics from Disneyland, and if I couldn’t choose from pictures at the beach imagine how many there will be from there! Oy!