Monday, April 26, 2010


So we have finally started having some nice days, so the kids and I went to the duck pond at BYU.   There were so many people there, those have to be the best fed ducks ever!


Ducks-3 Ducks-4


Eating the bread I deemed old enough to feed the ducks, lovely.Ducks-6

Chilling while sister feeds the ducks and some turtles.  Do turtles eat bread?Ducks-7 

Fun times.  Later that day we took ride to Kenny’s to wash off the bikes. I love Calvins smile, you can just tell he’s thinking “we’re going for a ride!” Ducks-12 And yes, Peanut got to go too!


kelly said...

Great pictures. CW sure has changed since we've seen him last. Looking forward to next week.

The Baker Family said...

He's so cute and getting so big. That looks like a lot of fun. I love to go do stuff like that with Jaden.