Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we got just a little snow one night. We went out to play in it the next morning, we were the first to play in it. We had a lot of snow. Don't worry that Calvin isn't in any of the pictures, he was napping.She had sooooo much fun running around and playing in the snow.
My handsome bearded man.
The poor dog, she didn't enjoy it very much. Needless to say, she wasn't out for very long.
Some of the nature pics from around our complex. Everything was so still and pure.


The Fox Den said...

I love Utah snows like that. Beautiful pics!

kelly said...

great pictures, was hoping for one of your "new" counter tops. I'm still looking for that good looking bearded guy in that one picture, but all i see is Steven ;-)


kelly said...

by the way it was 75 yesterday in PHX and I had long sleeves on... brrrr

The Meador Family said...

Fun pictures I love the one of Audry she is so BIG!

Liz Whitehorn said...

Beautiful pictures! Calvin is such a handsome dude by the way.