Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The loot, Steven asked if he could have a piece and she told him no, get your own.
We went trunk or treating with Gabby.
She figuired out how it all worked very quickly, ditched Gabby and got as much candy as she could, meeting up with Gabby at the end.
He was Calvin and Hobbes this day. I got the costume a couple of weeks after he was born thinking it would be big on him. His toes were curled in the feet he is so big.

A couple of weeks before Halloween I started asking her what she wanted to be this year. She immediatley said "a bat" and never wavered from that. It was pretty funny, all of her little friends were princesses and pink and she was in all black. I'm guessing that she was also the only one that really had an opinion about what she wanted to be!

This was about as much as she had to do with the pumpkin, she thought that it was dirty.

the pumpkins
Melissa's, Steven's, Audrey's, and Steven's


West said...

you guys do the best pumpkins!

The Meador Family said...

Cute costumes, I love the tigger