Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Calvin Updates

So, I know I have been completely remiss in my posts, but here are a couple of pics of the Little Man from the last month.
Steven gave Calvin a blessing early in the month. After this picture, Calvin promptly pooped all down the inside of his pants. Luckily I didn't decide to put him in white, Steven washed the pants out really quickly and blew them dry with my hair drier, put them back on and we were off to church.

He loves "sitting" and can be found in this position every day.

He is a happy little boy who brings such joy to us all. He is also a very big boy. He was weighed at my 6 week check up last week and came in at a whopping 12 lbs 14 ounces!


Liz Whitehorn said...

Someone is feeding him some good stuff!! He's such a good looking baby, he reminds me of Audrey when she was a baby too. Thanks for the pictures and updates I love them.

The Baker Family said...

Wow, that is big. But he's so cute. He looks really different from when we saw pictures last. Cutie.

West said...

holy smokes that is big... but he's so cute so that's ok. i love the pic of him with a little smile. very adorable.

The Meador Family said...

looks like someone is turning into a couch potato, jk. He has changed a lot but looks good. I cant tell who he looks like yet.