Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So how has Audrey taken it.

So a lot of People have asked, "How has Audrey been taking to the new sibling?"
Well........It has been difficult at times.
Everything seems so different, now that there is a new center of attention. And although there is a new person on this crowded planet, the world seems so lonely.
And anger seems to slip out at times.
But for the most part, the overwhelming urge of self pity sets in.
and some tears are shed.
However when one looks to the future, only to look back, how do they want to see there life portrayed? This would be the pivotal moment.
In the end, compromises were made, Kisses were smooched, and a peace treaty has been made (only to end when Calvin is 4). All in all, Audrey loves her little brother "Baby Calvin," and enjoys being a big sister. Life is good. (Now if only Calvin knew what he was getting into!


Chelsea said...

oh, poor audrey! haha melissa, you crack me up.

Sharron said...

This is the sweetest post and pictures. Hope all the adjustments go OK for all of you!

Whitehorn Family said...

what a cute way of expressing Audrey's thoughts throughyour words and pictures. I love it!! How is the mamma of two?

Molly said...

Bless her heart!!!

The Baker Family said...

That's so cute, yet sad. I love the little tiger in with Calvin! Way too cute!

Karalee said...

You guys are so clever you crack me up. Great photo's. Glad your all doing so well and so quickly too. Melissa you are amazing to bouce back so fast.

Kaela Cusack said...

love the name...loved the cute post!

The Bulkley Bunch said...

Steve & Melissa,

What a cute update on your blog. Baby Calvin is so handsome.. Congrats! Hope things are going well.
Cuz, Wendi

Adri said...

Those pictures are cute - even the pouty ones! I hope Audrey wants to come play next week! We will be out of town til Monday, but Chandler and I go play at the playground most days, so maybe Audrey can come with?