Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guitar recital

So, after having played the guitar for all of two months, Steven had his first recital. He started out learning Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace and To Grandmothers House We Go and then learned Hey Jude. Quite the jump in my opinion. He did very well, considering that the other participants were under the age of 13 and played like they had been playing for years. They were seriously amazing. The girl that played before him got up and rocked on her electric guitar, I was intimidated and I wasn't even playing!
The guy standing next to him is his teacher, he goes on his mission in a couple of weeks.
There was an entire band there to back them up, and the girl in yellow sang each song. It was the coolest recital I've ever been to.

Here he is playing Hey Jude. I was quite proud of him.


Whitehorn Family said...

That would have been a fun concert to go to. Steven way to go acomplishing your interests and goals, I need to be better at that.

Karalee said...

Very nice wish I could have been there to hear.