Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 days to go

Here is a pic of me with two days to go. Hopefully he doesn't stay in too much longer, i'm done and don't know that I can get much bigger! I only wear my own clothing on Sundays, I might get some odd looks if I showed up in Stevens t-shirts and athletic shorts!


The Fox Den said...

You're to CUTE!

Whitehorn Family said...

I loved all the pictures and updates, epecially because we don't see you guys so much. Fun pictures. That was too cute of Audrey wanting to wear her eleaphant costume after going to the zoo.
When is that baby coming out :) I'm surprised it hasn't already after that hike! your a trooper.

The Meador Family said...

Your a Hottie!I hope he comes out soon, I want to see some pictures.