Sunday, July 26, 2009


On another day of Stevens vacation we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point. We had SO much fun and can't wait to go back again.
Audrey looks like she is having fun doesn't she!

The dinosaur waiting to eat you as you walk in.
Pretending to be scared with dad.

They have all these neat activities to do throughout the museum for the kids, Steven enjoyed them too.

Here you're supposed to learn about erosion, I think she just liked playing in the wet sand. I was glad Steven was there, so I didn't have to get dirty.

Steven likes this pic, because I don't do silly ones very often, I wasn't even trying to do it this time, I was trying to get Audrey to do it and he took the pic. Sneaky, very sneaky.

Off to the Zoo

So Steven had a mandatory week off the second week of July, everyone at his work had to, he wasn't in trouble or anything! So we stayed with Aunt Kim Sunday night and got up and went to the Hogle Zoo on Monday. It is such a perfect size for a zoo, especially when you are going with a 2 year old and an incredibly pregnant woman.

This is Audrey in her halloween costume from last year, she insisted on wearing it when we got home, because she saw the elephants.

Previously she has been too scared to ride the carousel, but insisted on riding it this time, even knowing that she wanted to ride 'raffe and didn't want one that went up and down. She loved it so much that I had to pry her off of it at the end of the ride, much to the amusement of the other parents there!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

We had a busy and fun Fourth of July. There were balloons, camping and fireworks galore and not to mention all of my patriotic music that I play in the car and in the house, to the enjoyment of everyone else as well, i'm sure.
Thursday morning we got up at 6 am and went and saw the hot air balloons. Audrey wasn't too keen on being up that early, but I think by the end with the promise of breakfast in her mind, she was having a better time.

Steven wasn't able to go with us last year, because he was still working super early. We were glad he was able to go this year though, especially since Audrey only wanted to be carried.

Honest Abe was even able to make it this year.

Watching them fill up the balloons, I don't think this is the job that I would want.

We went camping with Kenny and Britani and her sister and brother in law. When I say we, I mean Steven and Audrey. I went up for the day, had dinner and drove back home to sleep in a bed, then drove back up in the morning. Luckily this is only 15 minutes from our house!

There were caterpillars EVERYWHERE, Audrey is really into bugs right now and loved it.

Audrey getting ready to go to sleep in the tent. She had a blast and only had minor injuries from being knocked over by a dog when I got back in the morning. Did you know that you can bruise the back of your ear? I sure didn't.

We went and staked out our spot for the fireworks and got a great spot. Audrey wasn't afraid of the sparklers this year, but she still didn't like the fireworks. They were too loud and burned her eyes she said, whatever that means. She hid under the blanket while they were going off.

Hope everyone else had a spectacular fourth as well!


So, we are incredibly lucky to live so close to Brighton, and that Steven's wonderful Aunt Kim has a cabin there that she lets us use. We went up a couple of weeks ago and had a blast.

Not the most close up shot of the two of them, but here are Dad and Audrey enjoying the great outdoors.

Too cute!

Dad and Audrey climbing a steep wall. Luckily mom wasn't there, otherwise I don't know that this would have been allowed! Steven said that she did it almost all by herself, he just helped a couple of times to show her where to go next.

The pics are courtesy of Mike West.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Belated June pics

So, I know that I have been remiss in my blog posting, I apologize and will try and do better. Here are some pics from June. Audrey and I went to my parents in AZ for a week and then met up with Steven in St. George, UT for a family reunion.
Audrey has been telling us that she wants to play the violin. When we were in AZ my dad was kind enough to let her use his. Hopefully, when she gets her own she won't have to hold it with her feet!

For the reunion we went to Zion National Park one day, here we are at the entrance.

Us on bus that takes you around the park. This pic is almost a month old, and yes I am bigger now, 5 weeks to go!

Pretending to be the Hulk with Dad.

Playing in the water.

I love that the boy cousins that are the same age are following her in this pic.

The next pics are not for the faint of heart, just to warn you.

Jumping from bed to bed. She loved it as you can see by her face. She always made it, and managed to give me a heart attack in the process.