Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, we finally started remodeling our condo. The first order of business is making our front room into a third bedroom. Here is the first day, our contractor removed the french doors and built a temporary wall.

The second day he realized that we needed a a second temporary wall as this was a supporting wall.

In between the two temporary walls. The contractor was kind enough to make sure that I could still fit down the hall way.

The third day the french doors went back in and the framing for the new entry way and closet was put in.

The fourth day he did electrical work, so nothing new to see, except for holes in the ceiling. Tomorrow the guy comes to do dry wall, woohoo.

This is what the kitchen looks like right now, no appliances of any kind, or flooring. Steven is tiling as I type.

Steven finally graduated from BYU! He has been done since August, but decided to wait to graduate so that he could get the student bus pass. It was a really neat ceremony, since he graduated from the college of Fine Arts, he was with the music people and the theatre arts. There was a song duet and a violin/piano duet.
The graduate and his proud mom.

Audrey did really well during the ceremony and only wanted to run around not really interested in pictures.

And yes, that is Mike Wazowski on Stevens Cap.

Here are some pics of the monkey child. They are backwards chronologically, but she figuired this out for herself.


The Meador Family said...

Wow much has been going on in the Glauser home. The house is going to look great when your done and I can't wait to see it.

Congrats Steven on your big day!!!

and Happy late Easter! Cute pictures and I love the Kite.

The Fox Den said...

Congratulations all around! The remodel, graduation, a monkey child and, of course, having your second in a couple months! Ya'll are busy!! Looking forward to seeing you.

Whitehorn Family said...

Congrats STeven on accomplishing a wonderful thing that takes a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice.
I bet you guys are thrilled about yoru new remodel. I can't wait to see the results. Thanks for sharing the process. You guys are so handy.

The Anthony's said...

Wow! Look at Audrey! I can't believe how big she it! Calli still won't slide down those poles!

The Anthony's said...

Oh, and congrats on Steven's graduation! I didn't think that would ever happen! Crazy! :)

The Baker Family said...

Congrats on your graduation Steven and Melissa. It takes two to accomplish that. That is such a great accomplishment. I too am exited to see the finished results of your remodel. Keep us posted. We love you! Nikki

cowgurs said...

wow! congratulations steve! and are one fine piece of prego meat:)