Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Here are some of the Ultrasound pics. He was in a good position to get some good profile pics.
Steven thinks this one looks like an alien, that is his face straight on.
Definitely a boy, and proud to show off


Surprise! To those of you that didn't know, yes Melissa is pregnant. She is 18 weeks along and we just found out that it is a boy, no doubt about it, he was very proud to show off for the ultrasound. We had a suspicion that it was a boy, just because this pregnancy has been more difficult than the last one, being sick and all. Everyone is doing well though and Audrey is excited to be a big sister. We weren't sure that we were going to be able to go this long without letting people know, but we made it and who knows, maybe we'll go longer next time!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We start again

So i am not one who really blogs all that much, however, i have notice that nothing has really been done on ours. Only a 1/4 of our trip to Hawaii was put up there and it has been a good solid two months. So i guess i am taking the liberty of updating and hopefully contributing a little more as well. We can also dedicate a whole section to ME and i can use it as MY soapbox as I tell the world my pet peives (which i have a lot of). So hopefully you will see more of this which would be fantastic. This is Steven by the way. Anyways, the picture above is a painting i worked on. It is a shameless plug to have people revisit my art blog """". Since i haven't updated anything for a year. I noticed that when people visit it helps me to do more, which is what I really need to be doing. Well, enough said, we'll try to keep things updated. Thanks for coming.

Touch of Hawaii

Just a few shots of Hawaii

I would recommend it


The island we went to scuba dive.
The boat that took us there
Crazy group of underwater mouth breathers
A little piece of ocean
Aquatic life

Road to Hana

Just gorgeous
Part of the architecture
quit monkeying around I like how the misty water vapors slowly drench my shirt to reveal man boobs

Black Pebble Beach

Melissa is reading this while Eric and i were participating in the activities below
We're looking for the Jellyfish but we can't find them.

Local natives!
Man i should go on a diet. I have man boobs

Even More Hawaii

My little hula girl

Audrey didn't even need to go to Hawaii. All she needed was a pool with floating leaves

Needed to get more leaves

This picture does not give justice for how large these animals are.

Happy New Year

More of Hawaii

Mottly crew
Maui by night
Audrey's first time at the beach

Bombs awayMelissa blames the hair on the humidity