Sunday, January 18, 2009

The second day

Welcome to Paradise!
This enormous tree was in the middle of Lahaina, no pics come even close to doing its size justice.
Grandpa teaching Audrey the ways of our people.

We went to an amazing aquarium that Audrey loved running from tank to tank seeing all the different fish.
An eel

Sea horses

The turtles were amazing, so graceful under the water.

This is two turtles, not one looking at its reflection.

No fear, here she is touching starfish and sea urchins.

Jellyfish are so incredible looking, its too bad they are so harmful I would love to see what they feel like.

There was this HUGE aquarium with sharks and stingrays.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The first day

Here we are arriving at the airport, bright and early at 6:30, we were lucky that we were there early though, all of the computers were down for Hawaiin Airlines and they had to write everything out by hand.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fantastic vacation! This was at the airport in Honolulu during our lay over.

Audrey pulling her bag, doesn't she look happy! She did amazingly well on the plane and people complimented us as we got off.

One of the pools at the hotel, I particularly enjoyed lying there doing nothing and reading a book while there were others to watch Audrey.

This is the check in at the hotel, it was certainly different to have it completely outdoors.