Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meeting the Big Man

I thought she might be nervous, but she walked right up and sat on his lap, promptly telling him that she wanted a sleeping bag. Hopefully she is good and will get one!

Christmas tradition

We went last weekend to cut down our Christmas tree.
It was cold. Calvin is in his carrier, wrapped in a blanket, then snuggled in my great big coat.

Audrey in the snow, having a blast.

Steven bringing down the tree. We brought it home and it fell over that night on our wood floor. Steven was not happy. I think it is pretty.

Some pics of the little miss. She cracks me up.
Playing rock band at Grandma Glausers, I love the pose.
An outfit she put together, from the glasses to the sparkling shoes, she definately has her girly moments.
SOOO excited to go to grandma's house.
This is the morning after we got back from AZ. I had just finished feeding Calvin cereal for the first time and went to change him. When I came back out I found her here, on the counter, in his bumbo seat.

The meeting

So, I've been told that we are to be great friends. I'm glad you've come around so we can become better acquainted.
What, can't a guy talk to his tiger without everyone looking at him?


The loot, Steven asked if he could have a piece and she told him no, get your own.
We went trunk or treating with Gabby.
She figuired out how it all worked very quickly, ditched Gabby and got as much candy as she could, meeting up with Gabby at the end.
He was Calvin and Hobbes this day. I got the costume a couple of weeks after he was born thinking it would be big on him. His toes were curled in the feet he is so big.

A couple of weeks before Halloween I started asking her what she wanted to be this year. She immediatley said "a bat" and never wavered from that. It was pretty funny, all of her little friends were princesses and pink and she was in all black. I'm guessing that she was also the only one that really had an opinion about what she wanted to be!

This was about as much as she had to do with the pumpkin, she thought that it was dirty.

the pumpkins
Melissa's, Steven's, Audrey's, and Steven's

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had some left over ring pops from her birthday and decided to let her have one.

I love her eyes, we so rarely get a direct picture of them, they are just beautiful.

I think that she enjoyed it. Love the gap in the teeth, we're already saving for orthodontia!


Here are some recent pics of the handsome boy. He just had his two month checkup on Monday weighing 13 lbs 1 ounce putting him in the 73rd percentile and is 24 inches long 77 percentile and his head is 16.3 inches around also in the 77 percentile. When the doctor came in he said that he looks like he is about 4 months old.

I LOVE the cheeks!

A gift from Grandma Pate, he loves having things on his head, he presses right up against the top of the crib when he sleeps.

Even tough guys need a binkie every now and then.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Before & After

So i have finally cracked down and learned Lightroom. I am really liking it. It is Picasa on steriods. Here is an example i did of about six pictures i took of Tucsons desert. The top was a bit overexposed. However, the end result turned out quite nice. As a shameless plug i recommend this program. Before

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Audrey turns 3!

For Audrey's birthday she wanted a pink party. I took it a step farther and did princesses. We had Pink Lemonade, strawberries, apples and chocolate cake. Along with 8 2 and 3 year olds, quite the fun time for her.

One of our activities was making candy necklaces. This is one of our neighbor girls, she definately got the most on hers!

The princess cake, we went the easy way and just bought one this year.

I love all the help that she had opening the gifts. She certainly made out like a bandit.

She had a great day and we went and saw the Cougars win afterwards. I can't believe she is 3 year old!

Random September picks

Having fun at the park, while we can still go outside.
Our after the park activity, too bad it was at 6:00 at night! Luckily her grandparents were here and they got to stay up with her instead of mom and dad.

Calvin Updates

So, I know I have been completely remiss in my posts, but here are a couple of pics of the Little Man from the last month.
Steven gave Calvin a blessing early in the month. After this picture, Calvin promptly pooped all down the inside of his pants. Luckily I didn't decide to put him in white, Steven washed the pants out really quickly and blew them dry with my hair drier, put them back on and we were off to church.

He loves "sitting" and can be found in this position every day.

He is a happy little boy who brings such joy to us all. He is also a very big boy. He was weighed at my 6 week check up last week and came in at a whopping 12 lbs 14 ounces!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So how has Audrey taken it.

So a lot of People have asked, "How has Audrey been taking to the new sibling?"
Well........It has been difficult at times.
Everything seems so different, now that there is a new center of attention. And although there is a new person on this crowded planet, the world seems so lonely.
And anger seems to slip out at times.
But for the most part, the overwhelming urge of self pity sets in.
and some tears are shed.
However when one looks to the future, only to look back, how do they want to see there life portrayed? This would be the pivotal moment.
In the end, compromises were made, Kisses were smooched, and a peace treaty has been made (only to end when Calvin is 4). All in all, Audrey loves her little brother "Baby Calvin," and enjoys being a big sister. Life is good. (Now if only Calvin knew what he was getting into!

Now life is good!