Sunday, August 24, 2008

The weekend

We went to Seven Peaks for the first time and had a blast. Audrey loved being able to walk around in the water that only came up to her waist. She has started the lovely habit of turning her face away when I take a picture, so get ready to see lots of pictures of the side of her face.
Lots of Daddy daughter time this weekend.

She definately likes daddy, of course why wouldn't you like him? He is definately the fun one.

We also went to the zoo, and yet again couldn't get her to look at the camera. Hogle zoo is just the right size I think. It only takes about an hour and a half to see the whole thing.

He wanted Audrey on there with him, but I think he did all right without her. If you look in the background to the right you can see a little spot of pink, that would be the defiant child.


Whitehorn Family said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of Steven with his tongue flying out. What a funn filled weekend.

The Baker Family said...

Those pictures are so cute. It sounds like you guys had fun. She's so expressive, it's fun to see. Nikki

The Fox Den said...

She's a riot! You've made me want to go back to the zoo!

Kaela Cusack said...

your kid is stinkin' cute!