Monday, July 28, 2008

The last little bit

Blowing bubbles with a super cool bubble maker from grandma

Peanut finally went into heat, and Steven made this for her out of an old sock. Just cut holes for her legs and tail and viola!
Audrey and Melissa hiked Timpanogos Cave with Grandpa Glauser, she did amazinly well.
The first smile caught on camera in a while, she usually scowls.
Randy, the photographer. Doesn't matter what he's carrying!

Here are some pics of the last little bit, we'll be in Brighton for the rest of this week and I will post when we get back.


The Routsong Family said...

Hey Melissa!! How are you guys!! All your pictures and posts are so cute and fun to read!! It sounds like you are having a fun summer!! Can't wait to see you guys again soon!! We will be back in September!!

The Baker Family said...

That is such a great idea with the sock. I would need a pretty fat sock for that to work with my dog.