Monday, May 19, 2008

Lots of pictures

She got ahold of a pack of gum sitting on the counter while eating breakfast, we're not sure how much she ate, or how much Peanut was given.
Yum, watermelon

I love the hair from the slide!

Picking flowers, her new favorite things.

Sorry about all of the pics like this, I tried to do it on, but it wasn't posting, so here you all are. The pics in the water are on the Provo river trail just by our house. Steven threw Peanut in to see if she could swim, she survived, but wouldn't go close after that, go figuire!


The Meador Family said...

Your pore dog who knows what happends but thats all funny. cute pictures!

The Fox Den said...

Those outdoor shots turned out great of her! You know is a felony now to be mean to dogs in Utah or maybe that's if you abuse them or kill them or something... I bet Peanut would have called 911!