Thursday, May 29, 2008

27 goals for year 27

So on my 27th birthday i'm putting my goals out into the world, maybe you all can help me keep them if you know what they are!

Go somewhere I’ve never been before
Be a better house keeper
Be a more fun mom
Go on a vacation just Steven, Audrey and I
Be a more adventurous cook
Write a book
Have another baby
Get in shape before I have another baby
Get food storage well under way, not just started
Be a more sympathetic person
Get Audrey potty trained(not going so well right now)
Fix up the condo
Sell the condo
Get a new house with a yard
Become more organized
Learn to can food
Be more romantic
Watch less TV
Get a new camera
Grow my hair back out
Say yes more and no less
Be more goofy
Be more spontaneous
Smile more
Say I love you more
Be more patient
Work towards keeping my goals

1 comment:

kelly said...

I agree with most of the goals except one...getting in shape before having a baby seems like a waste of time. I would replace it with: send more pictures!