Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just a little story . . . or two

So no new pics right now, but a couple stories from the last couple of days.

First one, we turned Audreys crib into a toddler bed a couple of weeks ago and she does really well in it. On Friday though, instead of coming a knocking on the door like she normally does when she is awake, she decided to take off her diaper. From there she proceeded to pee on the bed and pooped on the floor. When I went in to get her after she knocked on the door, like she normally does, she took me over to show me the poop and looked at me like, why is that there it is so gross. And I agree with her, it was gross.

second story, this one at the beginning of nap time. She got out of her bed and got the A&D butt cream off of the top of her shelves and proceeded to rub it in her hair. I washed it with her normal soap, but that wasn't strong enough. Then I talked to my mom and she suggested dish soap, which appears to have worked. It wasn't quite as gross as the poo, but it looked so gross, like we haven't given her a bath in about a month.


Whitehorn Family said...

oh boy! The joys of parenthood.

RWest said...

ooh...i can't wait to be a mama ;)

The Fox Den said...

Funny! She is a riot... Can't wait to see you both!

ktbug81 said...

That is SO funny! Just'll have wonderful stories to tell all her boyfriends!!! It was great to see you and to meet audrey when you were down here in AZ! Hope to talk to you soon.

Hugs to you all,