Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home repairs

We finally painted our bedroom, if you remember the wall behind the bed was a lovely neon blue before. This is a little more soothing, if you ask me. Don't worry we're going to get new blinds and curtains too.
Last week our dishwasher broke, here is Steven putting in the new one, with a little help from Audrey.
The new dishwasher, white instead of yellow and it actually cleans dishes too! Sorry about the pictures being turned, but I didnt' want to go back and rotate them.


RWest said...

at least you have a dishwasher!!! jealous feelings right now. oh and the bedroom looks good.

Whitehorn Family said...

You and I can relate on those home repairs, we've been doing a lot of repairs around our house lately as well, I should probably post pictures, because I like see you guys working on yours. Craigslist has become my new friend lately. I've just recently got my curtains for my living room there. I check almost every day keeping an eye on new items I'm looking for. Great deals. Keep on sharing!

The Fox Den said...