Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The poor dog is Audreys new obsession. She chases her around all day and as you can see here, Peanut was the victim of Audrey's other obsession: stickers.
It is finally warm enough outside to spend some time running. You can see by the pictures I was able to get, Audrey was a bit excited to be outdoors.
She stopped briefly and I was able to get this one in focus, even if the top of her head is cut off.
Peanut ran like a maniac for about 10 minutes straight. I guess being stuck inside for a couple of months is hard on the animals too!
Not much else going on up here. Melissa's adjusting to home life, Steven is working and going to school. Audrey is learning new words all the time, but only Melissa can understand them. Her new word this week has been purple.


Whitehorn Family said...

What a neat picture of peanut! I can't believe that Audrey is speaking, give us an update on her new words. wE are so proud of her.

tgpate said...

New word Purple ... thats good, it's a Phoenix Suns word..(stunk tonight). work on the next word ... Orange. She does look happy outside.

RWest said...

i think it's awesome that she is chasing peanut around...absolutely hilarious.

Bjorn & Kris said...

I want to run outside too!! I'm jealous. :)

The Baker Family said...

That is so funny. Jaden is into torturing Chloe too and he too is saying new things everyday. yesterday it was HOT and he can say mommy, daddy, more, thank you, no, football, cut out, yes. It's so much fun seeing them do and say new things. Keep telling us what you guys are up to. We love you. Nikki

The Fox Den said...

I love the stickers!!!