Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The poor dog is Audreys new obsession. She chases her around all day and as you can see here, Peanut was the victim of Audrey's other obsession: stickers.
It is finally warm enough outside to spend some time running. You can see by the pictures I was able to get, Audrey was a bit excited to be outdoors.
She stopped briefly and I was able to get this one in focus, even if the top of her head is cut off.
Peanut ran like a maniac for about 10 minutes straight. I guess being stuck inside for a couple of months is hard on the animals too!
Not much else going on up here. Melissa's adjusting to home life, Steven is working and going to school. Audrey is learning new words all the time, but only Melissa can understand them. Her new word this week has been purple.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The weekend

If you look in the back, there is actually grass showing on the ground! It's supposed to snow again tomorrow.

She helped Mom push the ball.
Waiting for her ball.

So this weekend Steven and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary at Cheesecake factory. We had to wait 2 1/2 hours before we were seated but, it was worth it, the food was amazing as always. During the day though we went bowling with Mike, Kenny and Brittany for a film that Mike was making for one of his classes. Here are some pics.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I just have to make a quick mention about the new Suns news. I can't believe that they traded Marion, who is amazing, for Shaq, who is old, injured, and hasn't played in forever. What on earth were they thinking? What a complete waste of money and talent. I don't know how far the suns will be able to go. I feel bad for the rest of the team and for the die hard fans who have to sit back and watch the stupid moves by people who should know better.
Audrey knows that her dad always wears a hat. When we were out running errands she saw a guy wearing a white hat and insisted that it was daddy. At home she carries the hat around calling "daddy" as in disbelief that he doesn't have it on.Yes, she is showing her signs of genius, she didn't quite complete it, but she did about as good as I would have!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The new lighting

So, just a little story to go along with the lighting pic from below. Steven and I were at Lowe's looking at things to fix up our condo. We found some new lights to put in the hall and decided that that would be an easy quick fix. Little did we know, that neither of us knew anything about installing lighting. At one point the power was out in our entire house. Steven got the lights back on except in Audrey's room and the Bathroom. Audrey and I bathed by candlelight. Luckily, Aunt Kim's friend Roger is an electrician and he came down on Sunday to help us. He got all of the lights going again. I told Steven we'll learn on this house and be able to do it all by the time we get finished with it!

The Happenings

Sharing some ice cream with Dad
I like that Peanut is licking her lips too!
Helping dad put in some new lighting
She loves playing with the dog's cage.