Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Local Weather

So, we've gotten a few winter storms the last couple of days. Today's high was a wopping 33 degrees and tomorrow's is supposed to be an even better 28 degrees. Lucky Graham got to come up and enjoy it with us! Here are some pics of tonights storm. They don't do it justice, but it might give you an idea. P.S. I would love to put a weather update on the blog, does anyone know how to do that?

For those of you that have been here, you know what an amazing view of the mountains we normally have, this is what it has been for the last couple of days. What mountain you say? Well, it would be where the large gray area is in the back. At least it doesn't get to be 120 degrees in the summer though!


Whitehorn Family said...

I think you can go to weatherlet.com.
Yikes, its cold and Graham gets to enjoy it. I hope he's not driving.
When is your last day of work? That last pic of Audrey was so cute. Give our love and kisses

The Fox Den said...

If it has to be cold I like it to have a purpose! :) We miss seeing you and Audrey!! Hope things are going fantastic... I know they will b/c you are a great mom!