Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Local Weather

So, we've gotten a few winter storms the last couple of days. Today's high was a wopping 33 degrees and tomorrow's is supposed to be an even better 28 degrees. Lucky Graham got to come up and enjoy it with us! Here are some pics of tonights storm. They don't do it justice, but it might give you an idea. P.S. I would love to put a weather update on the blog, does anyone know how to do that?

For those of you that have been here, you know what an amazing view of the mountains we normally have, this is what it has been for the last couple of days. What mountain you say? Well, it would be where the large gray area is in the back. At least it doesn't get to be 120 degrees in the summer though!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Play Time

Playing on Mom and Dad's bed.
We've gotten at least 6 inches of snow in front of our house, the high is at the most 30 degrees, and she wants to play outside. Go figuire.
We love opening and closing doors.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You're Fired

Well, I guess layed off to be more exact. I'm sure some of you have heard that Melissa has been layed off from her job at Pro Look Sports. Don't feel too bad. She gets to stay home with Audrey now, something she has wanted for quite some time. So as of January 30th, she will be a full time mom. The pay isn't quite as good, but the perks make it worth every penny.

P.S. I'll keep the babysitter's blog on for those of you that like the lunch ideas. I'll need them myself now!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Greetings from Provo

We've had just a little bit of snow lately. Audrey loves it. She likes the sound of the snow crunching under her feet and usually cries when it's time to go in. Peanut, doesn't really like it, but if it came up to my stomache I wouldn't either!

Little Miss Independent! She insisted on feeding herself, even though it was spaghetti - o's. She got a bath immediately after. Another one of her favorite things. The stickers all over are a new common thing for us, she can even say the word, and we find them all over the house.

Ok, I know I've been a little . . . slacking in my blogging duties. I will try to be a little more on top of it. Here are some pics from the last little bit. Enjoy