Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ok everyone, here is our blog. Ta Da! We're still trying to figuire out the best way to do things, so if any of you have any suggestions and/or tips we are more than open. We started by recapping the end of September and all of October and will go from there. So add us to your favorites and away we go!


Cherise said...

very cute. Its a time sucker in the beginning as you get everything figured out. Let me know if you are wondering how to add friends. -actually just call me and I will walk you through it. It took me forever to figure it all out on my own. No sense in more than one person wasting time.

Liz and Ben Family said...

Wow, Melissa and Steven it looks like you guys have a great babysitter for Audrey. I love how you she captures several moments of her day with Audrey through pictures and words. What a blessing.
I'm going to have to go on her blog reguarly just to get lunch ideas, oh and of course to check up on Audrey.