Monday, December 10, 2012

Audrey turns 6

Way back when in September, Audrey turned 6 years old.  Audrey LOVES doing crafts, so we decided to to an art party this year.AudreysBirthdayEverybody got their own canvas to work with.  First they drew what they were going to paint on a piece of paper and then they painted what they had drawn.



I wish I’d taken more pictures of the balloons, we strung them up by string and had them draped all across the ceiling and they turned out really cute.



She got this camera from Grandma and Grandpa Pate and as soon as we got it out of the package they all of her friends ran outside and got in a line to have their picture takenAudreysBirthday-7


Instead of cake we did ice cream sundaes  that they got to decorate.

Audrey is the sweetest girl anyone could ask for.  She is always willing to help and really patient with her brothers.  If I could be guaranteed more kids like her, I think I would just keep on having them!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Calvin’s Birthday

For Calvin’s birthday, we had an actual party for him.  This was the first time we did a party for him and since he is a candy fiend we had a candy party.                   IMG_5382 I wrapped balloons in cellophane to make “candies”, it took Forever to do this, but he seemed to like them.

IMG_5379The table of candy, each little boy got to take home a bag of candy as their favor at the end, so luckily we didn’t have too much left over!

 IMG_5393We made candy necklaces

 IMG_5383We played pin the tag on the hershey kiss, pretty fancy looking right?

I learned during the party that boys are a lot less interested in all the games than girls, at least at this age, most of the boys were not interested in doing the games at all and were just playing on their own.

IMG_5399The birthday cake, it was an ice cream cake. 


The kids each ate like one bite of cake and then just went back to  eating the candy.                                                     IMG_5401

Overall he had a great time having all of his friends over and a great birthday.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Season

All of the kids birthdays are in July, August and September so here are the pics of the first birthday, Miles.  For each of the kids first birthdays we have gone somewhere and this year we went up to Brighton with the Pate grandparents, Hansen great grandparents and Aunt Kristen.

MilesBirthdayOpening presents



Playing dominoes on the patioMilesBirthday-6

The river behind the cabin

Miles LOVED his cake, here is a little picture overload of him attacking it


MilesBirthday-10 MilesBirthday-13 MilesBirthday-12

We had lasagna for dinner that is the orange around his mouth, it just didn’t seem to make much sense to wash him off when he was just going to do this



Since the Hogle Zoo is only 15 minutes from the cabin we decided to head on over



Aunt Kristen and Calvin were fast friends this vacationMilesBirthday-20The elephant was completely submerging in the water then would come up and spray, it was fantatstic.


We rented a stroller, but he would just climb out and walk with the rest of us


Happy Birthday Mister Man!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Calvin and Hobbes


Melissa started reading the “Calvin and Hobbes” comics that i have collected, and so has come up with the idea for me to paint  a mural for our boys wall who is named after the same character. This is the comic she picked out to use.


A quick sketch done in Photoshop that has the dimensions of the wall.


As one can tell, it was difficult to achieve the water color effect in the comic picture above, so i resorted to simple flat colors, since i would be working with acrylic

Color  The hard part was to take the comic above which is in a vertical format, and make it horizontal. I had to change quite a bit, but i think it turned out well.


Here is the before.


I love having a blank canvas.


Putting up a grid helps to make sure perspective stays in place.


Painting begins! CalvinandHobbes-4

Melissa actually painted a large portion of the mural, while i was at work. She said as long as i mark where i sketched, she will fill in the area. Almost like a paint by number.


I love that big yellow tree.


It was about here that i realized buying paint from hobby lobby and trying to mix it at home was not going to work. the paint was never consistent. you can tell in the bush.


The boy behind the inspiration, or the inspiration behind the boy?


At this point most the color for the background has been painted.


 As soon as i started to paint the outlines of everything, that to me was when it started to come together.


My goal was to make the outside lines look like inked lines. This way to mimic an artists pen.


Almost finished. I would say 80%. From here it got really difficult. The devil is in the details, and that is where time is consumed.

CalvinandHobbes-12  I wonder how bad it is to eat off these plates once paint has been on it.


The last strokes applied to finish.


Here is the final out put.


My boy, Calvin!